Friday, July 1, 2016

Hear the Exchange on Trump

     Hear the whole interview with Elise Stefanik courtesy of Newzjunky.  It was easily the best of the three candidates we have had on and I really think her saying she supports Donald Trump by name is something many people find important.
     Too much worrying about offending the dainty media types.  Her conversancy on many other issues was appreciated and is why she deserves another term.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Harvard

Anonymous said...

I don't care what she deserves. We deserve her. Because she is the best person for the job. By far. Sure, we would like to have someone in there who is more conservative and less establishment, but there are no options for that. Only options are much worse options.

And yes I give her credit for saying Trumps name. Big credit.

Ray said...

I heard the whole thing. Was still happy with her. Just couldn't believe you didn't bring up the IHOP. :)

Anonymous said...

Too little too late.

Anonymous said...

What are you whining about now Jeff? Scarborough this, Scarborough that. You’re so obsessed with Morning Joe that you managed to bring it up during your interview with Ms. Stefanic on your show today. It’s always something with you guys.

Instead of crying all the time, just man up and admit your guy is easily the worst presidential candidate in our nation’s history…. worse than your other heroes, Nixon and Wallace even. And that’s saying a lot.

Remember, nobody likes a cry baby.