Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Fourth !

   Independence Day will have more sparkle this year with limited fireworks now available in elect counties including ours.
    Tonight the snap crackle and pop was heard and seen especially along the water.

      Needless to say being careful and keeping the devices away from children is advised.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it, boys and girls. Next year Dannie's hero might decide the holiday is offensive to muzlims and cancel the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Good to see on the front of junk newz, one of those "non violent drug offenders" was arrested for a non violent assault with a knife (or "ka-nife", as people who pronounce it "off-ten" would say).

But hope is not lost. President Trump will help ensure that "non violent drug offenders" are out on the streets less off[t]en than they are now.