Sunday, July 24, 2016

Germany at the Cutting Edge of Terror

   A 21 year old Syrian refugee went after folks in Germany today with a machete. One person is dead.. It's reported it was not a terrorist attack. Well, what was it then ?
   The Dems want to bring more Syrian refugees over here, but with common sense machete laws, we can handle it.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Dannie. Don't they have "common sense" machete control in Germany. I hate these kinds of stories, as we know there can be no truth to it. Can illegal Syrians vote in German elections. That would explain this, wouldn't it, as it were?

Anonymous said...

Another attack happened in Ansbach Germany. By the way there is a American military post in this town.
A so called Refugee blow him self up, with a self made bomb in his Back bag.
This guy was well known by the police, for stealing, dealing and hurting other people. He was denied asylum, but still was in Germany a year later, with all the welfare benefits and two times in a mental hospital. In Germany there are right now, over 600.000 people who are denied, but still can stay there and collect welfare. And over 1 Million so called refugees, which are mainly migrants oven with faked or no passports. The CIA estimates at least 4000 ISIS fighters in Germany.
This guy did hurt 12 people, some of them bad. . Luckily not more people , as he was denied entrance to a music festival.
German authorities called him disturbed and suicidal . They he same way they excuse the other radical Islamists to avoid the word terror act. It is always someone with psychic problems or some one who got bullied, that's the official language. Now they found ISIs videos on his laptop and a ISIS flag and also his pledge to ISIS.
Sure you kill people with a knife and a ax when you are bullied. For a relationship dispute you bring a machete and when you want to kill your self, you blow your self up in the middle of town square. Irony off.
All this lame excuses and PC talk.
The guy with the machete was stopped, after he killed this women and had wounded five other people who drove him down, This driver should get a medal.
By the way the guy in Munich killed mainly other teenagers. The reason?
He is a Shite and the German-Turkish and German Albanian Kids he killed where Sunnites.
This is the same war going on in Iraq and Syria and other middle east hell holes, against other religious believes. Germany with his uncontrolled immigration, has invited this kind of war in its country. It is estimated that around 300.000 people came in to this country last year with out any documentation and nobody knows where they are. It is continues. just this year 2016 260.000 new asylum seekers got in. Thanks to Merkel, the traitor to her country.