Tuesday, July 26, 2016

France hostage situation in Normandy sees priest, 84, killed by knifeman | Daily Mail Online

       Is there a point we realize what barbarians these animals are ?  
       Beheading an 84 year old priest during Mass ? Taking nuns hostage ? 
       Kill these bastards.....Now !
France hostage situation in Normandy sees priest, 84, killed by knifeman | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

What? How could this be? Don't the French have "common sense" laws about this kind of hate? Dan, please fill us in on the details. As for me, I'm following the direction of our Attny General. You know the one who does housecalls on Pant Suit's husband's jet. She says treat these fine folks with more love. I'm with that. I would love to love one of these great people. Why don't the French do what we have done, and outlaw hate? Other than love, the only option I see is to import as many as possible so they can vote dannie.

Anonymous said...

The only way to kill them all is with a neutron bomb dropped on every country where Islam is the dominate religion. But what could more realistically be done, is to stop purposely importing people from those countries.

Anonymous said...

The great religion of peace.
More like a gutter religion. As one of our
Generals called it. Then the community organizer
Made him resign.

dajeep said...

That's what you get when you welcome these dogs with open arms. And some were in an uproar about Brexit. The British woke up, hopefully not to late. They don't want some liberal idiots in another land to tell them how to run their country.

Anonymous said...

"The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils." - Enoch Powell.

Western gov'ts are dominated by narcissistic Marxists and these gov'ts are delivering their peoples to confusion, servitude, and murder.

Anonymous said...

Well according to Obamy that we can't rush to judgment no matter how many of these animals kill Christians and any Muslim that doesn't agree with Sharia law or that 5th century views.

Where are all those moderate Muslim Leaders, SA, Jordon, Turkey, Qatar, Sudan. One of the animals is fighting for his life in the hospital. He was arrested when he was 17 for pledging to join ISIS wearing an ankle bracelet and was allowed to freely walk the streets.

That's really preventing these killers.

According to Loretta Lynch, we must continue to show them LOVE, that is the only thing they will understand.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure trump will stop bringing hundreds of temporary foreign workers here, using the H2B visas, right 1124? Will he send them all back home and hire Americans to fill those jobs? Your boy is a hypocrite. :D

Anonymous said...

There must be some sort of mistake, the religion of peace could never be responsible for or harbor anyone capable of this sort of savagery!
The only reasonable explanation must be that the 84 year old priest was the aggressor. Yeah... that's it.

Anonymous said...

After 9/11 Putin offered to help fight the worldwide Muslim threat. Bush turned him down. We haven't had a descent President since Reagan and if Clinton is elected the trend will continue.

Anonymous said...

3:37/Dan, you are a complete, but consistent, fool. You puke up a hypothetical to counter a fact. No, you're not a party line stooge. Not you.

Preacher. said...

They don't hate our religion. They hate the fact they live where you have no freedom. We do. So as an oppressive upper cast how do you keep the lower in check? You make up the boogieman. America! Give the lower cast something to hate, and you can do as you please. Makes it easy to brain wash them. Why do you think it works so well in every country, including ours? You have it. Our government uses it, so does England, France, and Germany. They just learned how to read, and followed our ways. Heck we taught them how to read. Our government worries about educating our enemies all day long. Good plan.