Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finalists Tailed Round the Clock as VP Decision Looms

   Four men will have a tail on them the next 24 hours as media will want to know the travel plans of Governors Pence and Christie, Senator Jeff Sessions, and Speaker Newt Gingrich..
    Official schedules and home stakeouts will allow reporters to figure out the GOP VP nominee.
    It certainly looks like Governor Pence, and tracking a sitting Governor's itinerary should make it easy to know by tonight.


Anonymous said...

Joni Ernst is the best choice. She would give Trump the edge over Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Trump is smarter than those people who have opinions on the matter. If this is the guy he picks then rest assured there is a good reason behind it and it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

7:02 All white male and ooldddddddd candidates.

Any of these guys will be great suck up to Trump.

Imagine having to go through Daddy Dearest closer than normal daughter Ivanki, you know the daughter he would do if he wasn't married.

I'm with her Her 2016, continue reading and weeping guys for backing the biggest loser.

Anonymous said...

Latest poll has Trump up by 7% with 6% undecided. Attributes Trump's rise to rejection of both parties.

Anonymous said...

People like 8:54 don't get it. There is a lot to dislike about politics and Trump is striking that cord. Until you acknowledge why he is liked you will not be able to defend him and he will win.

The black lives matter is an example. Sure they do but cops kill more white people than black people. It is not a race thing it is a criminal thing. Cops have to adjust but not so they kill less black people but so they kill less people. It is a tough job and innocents will be taken down but we can limit the numbers.

520 plus people killed by the cops so far this year. Under five have raised a furor. (And those may be justified) It says they are doing something right.