Monday, July 25, 2016

WDT: Downtown Art Movie House Abandoned

     Plans for an arts film theater in downtown's Franklin Building have been abandoned due to lack of fundraising ability. The North Country Arts Council reportedly will vacate space in the building where the YWCA once was.
    News came at the monthly Watertown Trust meeting where it was learned a two year effort to recover a bad loan finally yielded some results with the sale of land parcels out west owned by the parents of the borrower who had signed a loan guarantee for the storage business.


Anonymous said...

WTF Cody???

Anonymous said...

For the sake of the Square, the WLDC should let the Art's Council stay rent free. It isn't like someone else is going to move in there and all we need is another empty storefront. With all the Don's and the ABC organizations, I can't understand why the Square is still so empty. Maybe we should fire them all and let go old capitalism take hold. Sick of all my money being thrown down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Right on @7:59 AM