Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dems Gaping Wound Reopens as Chair Agrees to Get Under the Bus

     The Democratic Party has devolved into turmoil only hours before their convention...a convention thought to be a uniting event.
     The email scandal is another emain SNAFU for Hillary Clinton.....In this one it's revealed the DNC had a hand on the scale for Ms. Clinton and was throwing shade in spades on Senator Bernie Sanders.
     Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is resigning or face boo birds at the convention and for Senator Sanders, a chance to revive his distaste for the what's come down.
      The coming together the MSM has touted has stumbled with street demonstrations and a spectacle the speeches will only partly paper over.
     Amid email uproar, Wasserman Schultz to step down after convention


Anonymous said...

Haha,this is funny because Bernie is a nut,and he will play this one to the hilt..I was bracing for a week of sickening Hillary crap,but now,I can't wait to see Bernie go off on the establishment and their weak rebuttals.

Anonymous said...

News flash: Politics is dirty. Do you think Don Coon or Ron Cole are any better?!? The Town committees have their candidates. Try running against The Machine. Wasserman got caught, is all.

Having said that, it couldn't have happened at a better time to a better party. F*ckers

Anonymous said...

Wow. The dems took a page from the republican playbook. As if anyone is truly surprised.
To quote our future president, "What difference does it make?".
Load up your minivans, you whine asses. Hillary wins in spades, come November...

Middle-Class Mike said...

"The stench of DNC Corruption"

The DNC Chairwoman and her top staff have managed to let WikiLeaks emails from the DNC, give the public a glaringly accurate picture of who they are as politicians and people.

They sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign from day one with about 500 Super-delegates, and a horrible debate schedule.

Along the way when their anointed candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared vulnerable to Sanders campaign, they decided to attack him on his religion; or lack of religion, 'Atheists' are vulnerable and they were prepared to play that card if they could label him one.

The biggest 'turd' in the room, the smell of which is permeating every Democrat enclave, is Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who doesn't want to go, 'Quietly into that goodnight', but insists upon addressing the Convention tomorrow before she exists stage right.

Emails, emails, my Kingdom for someone that could just scrub all of them away, but alas, they go with the territory we inhabit in political modern life!

Well Hillary gets to shovel the s--t this week, and this load may require more time then a 4 day DNC Convention affords.

So expect the 'stink' of this latest Hillary, DNC scandal to stink up the joint for a while this week!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Is it true she has just gone to work for the Clinton campaign?

Anonymous said...

Gaping wound... spare us the melodrama Jeff...

hermit thrush said...

right, this is such a gaping wound that ... sanders has completely reiterated his support for clinton.

Asked Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press” if the emails gave him “any pause” in his support for Clinton, who he endorsed in June, Sanders said, “no, no, no.”

“We're going to do everything we can to protect working families in this country,” Sanders said, saying the election was not about Clinton or Trump but about “the people.”

He treated the email hack as a distraction, saying it was important for Democrats to remain unified in their opposition to Trump, who he called “the worst Republican candidate” he’d ever seen.

“Donald Trump would be a disaster for this country,” Sanders said, pointing to Trump’s rejection of man-made climate change and proposal to lower taxes for America’s wealthiest. “He must be defeated.”

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

DNC may stink on this, but please check underarms of the GOP, too.

Anonymous said...

Smells like politics as usual