Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dem Tricksters See Stein as Threat to Clinton

    The long knives are out for Dr. Jill Stein, the Green candidate for President. Dr. Stein, a physician and Harvard educated, got some traction from the rebellious Sanders supporters at the DNC and is showing up in polling.

      Suddenly there is a false story circulated about her being anti vaccine, a position used to label her as nutty. It's like what they do if you say you don't wanted fluoride in the water.

       As dissatisfaction grows among never-Trump and never-Clinton voters, the two significant third party candidates could attract voters and scrutiny.

       a Harvard-educated physician


Anonymous said...

Usually fruitcakes are not only welcome, but recruited by the Donkey party. Either way, I am surprised Dannie hasn't told us about this already. Next ego call, I expect he will read the script.

Anonymous said...

Spare us Jeff. Stein is ZERO threat.

hermit thrush said...

Suddenly there is a false story circulated about her being anti vaccine

wrong. well, it's not necessarily that she's a hardcore anti-vaxxer. it's that she's some mixture of anti-vax-curious and a shameful panderer to the anti-vaxxers. kind of like how our local green is truther-curious. what is it with the greens and conspiracy theories? that stuff should be left to the wingnuts.

Anonymous said...

So Kliccup, it's not true yet you've puked up an explanation anyway? You will never overtake duh dan with your partisan bs, but you are competitive.