Friday, July 22, 2016

Clinton Goes With Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust for VP

    As expected, Secretary Hillary Clinton made the safe and likely best choice for VP, foregoing the showboating Senator Warren in favor of a steady Eddie candidate in Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.
    Kaine is a former mayor, Governor and has served on key committees overseeing armed forces and foreign relations.   At the time he was named he was among the super rich at a Rhode Island marina raising money the old fashoned buckets....No average donation of $27 for him.
     In an homage to Hispanic voters, the running mate also speaks Spanish.
     Senator Kaine is widely considered a nice guy, competent and does no harm to the ticket.
     He also delivers the Commonwealth to the Clinton tally making the Electoral College that much more difficult for Donald Trump.
     TV ratings for the Trump acceptance were OK but not great. The 32.2 M viewers is just shy of half what is needed to win a Presidential race.
      The VP debate will be cordial with two polite and experienced Senate colleagues.
       The top of the ticket....another story.
Ratings: 32 million watched final night of GOP convention


Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

A prediction I made awhile ago ... a very good choice; solid credentials. He will I am sure serve the country quite well... bet on it.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Clinton's VP pick is Tim Kaine"

Hillary Clinton decided to raise a little 'KAINE' herself this week and gave Sen. Kaine the VP nod. The choice is notable for what it fails to do, and that is shore up her relationship with the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party.

Sen. Kaine will make winning Virginia much more likely, but not a sure thing as it's on Donald Trumps must have Statates list.

It will anger Bernie Sanders supporters for it makes clear to them that Hillary Clinton is moving to the Center this race, and if that means a running mate who supports the TPP trade agreement -so be it - the Sanders people have no where to go now anyway according to Clinton spokes people.

The Kaine pickis good news for Donald Trump who actively started support Sanders supporters last night, and today Hillary Clinton cooperated by picking Sen. Kaine who's on the wrong side ot the trade issue with his support of TPP.

Well Hillary Clinton isn't botered by Sen. Kaine's support of Wall Street & his desire to pass major banking deregulation legislation to help banks like Capitol One. The fact that he supports TPP, at the time Hillary says she's changed her mind and withdrawn her support for TPP is why this appears to be an ideologically strained pick from the get go.

Stay tuned, I think Mr. Trump will love pointing out all the policy inconsistencies between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine in his own words.

Stay tuned!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Trump is not running agaisnt Obama. So 32mm is way more than half what he needs to win.

Anonymous said...

It's a given Dan. No need for a wager.

NY21inMD said...

Senator Kaine is a solid pick for the VP slot. The only candidate that could have satisfied Sanders progressives would have been Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren, however, is a movement politician with little governing experience. She is not viewed as ready to be Cpmmander-in-Chief. Also, the electorate is largely comfortable with a woman candidate for President, especially the tough-as-nails and experienced Hillary Clinton. But two women on the ticket may be a bridge too far. Sanders progressives will overwhelmingly vote for Hillary especially if Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other progressive leaders become strong advocates for the Clinton campaign. And I can't wait for the tweet fight between Warren and the thin-skinned Trump to continue.