Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Boehner in Clayton

    Former Speaker John Boehner was in Clayton this evening for a fundraiser for Rep. Elise Stefanik..These fundraisers are private but a photo made it my way from an attendee. The Speaker looks healthy and happy.
    Congrats to our former US Senator Hillary Clinton on becoming the first woman nominee of a major party to run for President.  I met her during a visit to the Flower Library in 1999 and had positive interactions with her subsequently.
      I think the Trump campaign is improving with the addition of Governor Mike Pence. He presents a solid image.


Anonymous said...

The crooked media tried attacking Elise and failed miserably, courtesy of ScottyKos.
What a stupid question, "do you support the nominee" and "do you support the platform". Well she certainly doesn't support Hillary or the democrat platform. And she doesn't support the commie baker or his platform. Given that she is a Republican, what does that leave for her to support?

I would suggest that Stefanik skip spending any campaign money or PAC money at channel 7 and definitely skip junk newz.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now you like Pence?

Anonymous said...

My gosh, Does Scotty still believe he holds sway in these parts? Actually Jeff, those photos with MOC Stefanik and the females are quite attractive.

I always said women who belong to the GOP tend to be much more attractive than the Donkey (alphafemale) herd. Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi, Hilldabeast, the fuggly daughter. Maybe it is the downright meanness that comes through.

Addie, Could you possibly round of a prettier group with your followers? I Don't think so, you are too busy in making sure Planned Parenthood has the funds to kill off as many babies as possible.

Anonymous said...

the real story is who attended the fundraiser

Anonymous said...

7:18 Have to agree. But Scotty and his slant can't come to grips with she has it in the bag.

You lose again Scotty!

I will enjoy filling in the bubble again for our Gal.

Anonymous said...

Was fountainless Joe down there kissing butt?

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:54, would you say that if Jeff was still mayor and went if invited? Nope. He would be representing, taking the time out of his busy day and sacrificing to make that connection. Oh yeah that's right, the sky was going to fall and council would no longer be seen at any functions.

No pleasing some Watertown dolts.