Friday, July 29, 2016

Blotter: Should It Be on the News?

        A difference in news philosophy on display this morning.
        Newzjunky heralds a blotter entry about a man allegedly pleasuring himself in a downtown alley. A minor offense many consider too pedestrian for decent folks to talk about.
        The MSM will not headline this type of story....Just like the two year old walking down State Street. However, does the more genteel approach to news fail to address the underlying pathologies of an eroding society, or is NJ just grabbing the sensational to hype its own product.
       Remember the Don Logano rest stop story ?  Now that's journalism. Police Blotter


Preacher. said...

I hope they at least let him finish it.

dajeep said...

So the guy gets in trouble for taking matters into his own hands. Stuff happens, must have been a horny drunk. But now will he get his glam shot for everyone to see , on the states sex criminals rogues gallery? Must be discreet with these issues.

Anonymous said...

So far, only one president has admitted in public to "finishing himself" in the Oval Office.