Sunday, July 17, 2016

Blah Blah Blah - POLITICO

    As predicted platitudes from the two major party candidates on Baton Rouge. From "we demand law and order" to
"we cannot turn our backs on one another." The quips were predictable.
    What happened was tragic and disturbing, but most people do obey the laws and who's turning their back on whom ?
      With a clear majority of voters not liking their choice, I thought the best talker on TV today was Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign czar. He even looks the part. Can I vote for him instead ?
Trump on Baton Rouge shooting: 'We demand law and order' - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

No, most people do not obey the law today. We passed so many laws that you couldn't obey them all even if you wanted to. And then we have generation upon generation of liberal parents who took their children's side over the authority figures responsible for helping to raise law abiding citizens. We have 20+ years of punishing bus drivers for daring to discipline the little snots who ride on the bus. The result is adults who shoot cops and attack Trump supporters.

Anonymous said...

Where we are headed.... Remember when New York City's police wouldn't go into certain parts of the city? Or they went there last, hours later. That's what people are doing for their communities. Making a war zone. Not good.