Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bill's Forgotten Pardon...Did It Work for Hillary Today ?

      One of Bill Clinton's out-the-door pardons in 2001 may have been the only case the current FBI case would have been able to cite as prescedent for charging someone with reckless record keeping, a likely misdemeanor .
     CIA Chief John Deutch had let secrets be available on his home computer and on the final Friday of the Clinton term signed a plea bargain for that misdemeanor. It was not filed in court that day and hours later President Clinton pardoned Deutch, leaving the plea worthless.
     History has its twists and turns that once forgotten are still meaningful.


Anonymous said...

Fact is, we are now closer to having no legal structure for people in high places. Hillary is a criminal. This email stuff is just the latest in a string of crimes. Bribery and selling influence is likely worse than this. But the Dems don't care. Then next Democrat who even mentions the word patriotism should be urinated on whether in a transgender bathroom or not.

Anonymous said...

Get a job 217.