Friday, July 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders Expected To Sell Out On Tuesday | WRVO Public Media

      Next week, Bernie Sanders acquiesces.....or sells out , if you will by endorsing his opponent who is slathered in Wall Street money, the subject of an embarrassing tome by the head of the FBI and  showing signs of being unable to hold her lead over an opponent who when he isn't bumbling is being slammed by the media intent on four years of geriatric Clinton Camelot.
       Stuffed a lot into that lead, huh Perry ?
       He'll get to speak at the convention, got some slaps on the back from Bam, Joe and Harry....And then he will be planted back in the Senate to await the end of his "movement" in favor of the wealthy Democratic elites quest for power.
       But in endorsing Mrs Clinton, Senator Sanders will get kind words from Mayor Sullivan's Facebook page and from everyone on Morning Joe.
     Bernie Sanders Expected To Endorse Hillary Clinton On Tuesday | WRVO Public Media


hermit thrush said...

showing signs of being unable to hold her lead over an opponent who when he isn't bumbling is being slammed by the media intent on four years of geriatric Clinton Camelot.

on the one hand, it's really enjoyable to hear whining like that. on the other hand, for how much of a self-avowed political junkie jeff is, it's pretty remarkable how consistently he manages to be misinformed. which in and of itself, who cares. but the problem is that he has to go and pump all that misinformation back out into the world.

in fact hillary is leading comfortably and has seen her lead increase since the start of the year. just yesterday the pew survey -- one of the very best polls out there -- put clinton up by 9, which really is an astonishing margin in our current age of polarization. for context, the june 2008 pew survey had obama up by 8 percentage points over mccain (final margin: 7.2 points), and in june 2012 pew had obama up by 4 points over romney (final margin: 3.9 points).

Middle-Class Mike said...

Mayor, that was a well written and insightful blog entry! The Dems are the biggest front group in the nation for Wall Street and Dem lites looking to keep their snouts in the gov't trough! MCM

Anonymous said...

Not to be too critical, but I believe Jeff predicted from the get-go that Broom Hilda had this thing wrapped up.

But you have to admit that Bernie is kinda like Trump in the respect that he makes good headlines and gives the MSM pukes something to yammer on about.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show he's no different than every candidate who says they're going to be the most open administration.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Mikey!! The “Dems” are the second biggest front group for Wall Street. The Party of Stupid are first.

Jim DeMint says Wall Street gives much more to Democrats than Republicans:

"The big Wall Street banks, the big corporations" give "many times more" political donations to Democrats than Republicans.

Rated False.


Finance/Insurance/Real Estate: Money to Congress:


Anonymous said...

just when I thought Bernie was the real deal, it seems he's going to cave and support Clinton. Can't understand it, very discouraging. If Clinton is polling so well already without his support ,why would he give up on his principles and support someone he's been trashing??? Politicians have no guts!!

Anonymous said...

6:36, Are you dishonest or stupid? [hint]: Your audience knows you are both.
You need to account for Hilliary's paid speeches and the donations that go to her "foundation". You need to open your tiny mind.