Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Black, A Woman and a Trannie Come Together to Make America Great Again

     On this night when the first African-American President hands off to the first woman Presidential nominee and we celebrate the first openly transgender person at a convention, I am reminded how our nation if losing its greatness through the obsession with identity politics where everything is distilled down to race, gender or what you like to do in the sack.
      The Democratic Party and its media acolytes do the nation a discredit.
       (I've had blacks, women and the occasional transgender in my business over the years, but I just considered them people, aka customers)
        The media has declared the DNC a rousing success (despite the cat calls, protests and arrests) while the RNC has been deemed an abject failure.
        Mika declared on air she is voting for Hillary and today asked a guest, "do we have unity yet ?" The melding of the Clinton campaign and MSNBC is complete.
        In other politics, I saw my first Sheridan for Assembly sign in Watertown today on Water Street.


hermit thrush said...

The melding of the Clinton campaign and MSNBC is complete.

are you just figuring out that msnbc leans left, just as fox leans right? how long have you been watching it?

Anonymous said...

Kelmcrap is right. I'm surprised he is admitting the bias of mainstream media. Dannie continues to deny it. Then again he's a faux American, so that's understandable. Trouble with Klemcrap is that MSNBC is, like the rest of them, totally in the bag for his Pants Suited criminal. They don't "lean" Kimcrud, they openly lie. Just like when NBC altered tapes to follow their agenda.

hermit thrush said...

Just like when NBC altered tapes to follow their agenda.

no no no dimwit, you're thinking of the pp videos. or maybe the shirley sherrod videos on breitbart. it does get hard to keep track of them all.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

So, when did we stop being "great" - oh, sorry, right on January 20, 2009.

Check and Mate.

Anonymous said...

Claptrap has a deep seated problem with reality.
What he fails to mention is that the disgusting left wing news syndicate presents their bias and lies during the news segments themselves:
"he looks suspicious he looks black".
We can no longer use the term "illegal alien" to describe illegal aliens.

Whereas, Fox News only puts the pp videos on opinion shows. And unlike the left, Fox does not actually create and edit those videos.