Thursday, June 23, 2016

WDT:Handful of Users May Get Their Own Power Grid

     A government funded "micro grid" may soon be competing with National Grid to distribute electricity to select spots in the City and the Town of Watertown.  This was a concept pushed a couple years back and seems to have steam again.
     It's called economic development as it could provide cheaper power to chosen parcels.
     Of course for the big utility, seeing a handful of large users cherry picked doesn't fit with their economy of scale model.
     Grid had been granted exclusive distribution in the city under it's franchise/power buy agreement that extends another 15 years.  Whether a micro grid program changes that had been a subject of conversation. This report lists JCC as part of the plan. The college is located in the City.


Anonymous said...

It is not just the city who would be in violation of binding agreements, there were a number of statewide settlements that also gave exclusive distribution rights to National Grid.

Anonymous said...

Government has way too much time on it's hands. What clowns in a room come up with this garbage?