Monday, June 13, 2016

WDT: Vigil to be held Tuesday at SLU for Orlando shooting victims

          It's a nice gesture to hold a vigil for the Orlando victims in Canton. Would be nice in Watertown too , but politically a little dicey here.

Watertown Daily Times | Vigil to be held Tuesday at SLU for Orlando shooting victims


Anonymous said...

I commend them for this, assuming they did a similar vigil when the Islamic terrorist and his imported terrorist wife, shot up the Christmas party killing six months ago killing straight people. But if they are just doing this because this time the victims were at a gay club, then that makes them jerks.

Anonymous said...

7:31 is exactly right. SLU is a known camp of rich kids and administrators who try their hardest to deny what they are. If this were a group of average Americans, they wouldn't be throwing a publicity stunt party. They love to show how how much they care, especially when they can follow their politically correct beliefs. Imagine, a little isolated college of rich mommies and daddies where they don't have to mess with inner city minorities. But they have all kinds of shows that attempt to convince people they are real folks. They aren't. And this is where most of your education people buy their administrator certification. Makes sense.