Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WDT: Stefanik and Derrick Continue to Raise Money for the Raise Few are Following

    The horse race stories on campaign fundraising have never gotten much play up here until the epic races kicked off by the Aubertine runs and subsequent Congressional races. Even now the coverage is perfunctory and never looks very deep into sources.
    Actually, being publicly slathered in money isn't always a good thing as we saw with Jeb! and the success Bernie Sanders had by spurning Wall Street and special interest money.
     Used to be a candidate wanted to publicize their "war chest" as a badge of validation and a bludgeon to be used against foes.
      Since money is the mother's milk of politics, you need it, but now the less said about sources the better.
       Few local people donate to campaigns, and a look at that would be revealing. So are all the PACs and other pols who donate.
       When I first ran, the media was interested in specifically who donated as it's a window into the candidate and their associations. When I ran last year, no such interest. It's just assumed now that big money pays for our campaigns.
      Given how much of it goes to local broadcasters, I am sure they are content with the system as it is and no need to roil the waters.
       Looking at local races, Rep. Elise Stefanik leads in fundraising over Democrat Michael Derrick, although he has shown an ability to raise enough to run a credible challenge. The real issue is whether the national parties think the race in play.  If not, TV won't make the money they would like.
      The only other local race is for Assembly.  Incumbent Addie Russell has little local base for donations but can rely on DACC.... None of the Republicans have significant local sources of money, or the network to gather it. They are all hoping for RACC funding.
       With New York not a battleground state again this year, Presidential ad money won't be there, although 120 and others got a little infusion with the unexpectedly interesting NY primaries.
        The best place to put your ad ?  The most concentrated audience of actual voters would be on America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show.
Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik raises $301k in second quarter, more than doubles Derrick’s fundraising totals


Anonymous said...

There is no amount of money, that would allow him to "run a credible challenge". I don't care if he spent $50MM advertising that she is not from around here, or that she is a DC insider, it wouldn't put a dent in the record number she will win by this November. And I am telling you this from the standpoint of someone who doesn't care for her. I don't meant to say I hate her like a golf course resident does, I just mean I don't like that she is a RINO.

Anonymous said...

One must never underestimate those lying cheating progressive Libtard roaches.

Released today by the CDC, out of all the cities nationally, our home state has the dubious honor of 3 cities being in the top 6 Syracuse, Poughkeepsie and Buffalo of having the most lead paint in homes affecting our children. Funny thing about this extensive study is that the CDC discovered that these cities have been run by a certain left Democratic Party. Who would have guessed.

Keep it coming Harvard and I could care less where you get it as long as it does not come from Foreign Nations.

Anonymous said...

This race is rank safe safe safe for the GOP.

As 8:33AM mentioned no amount of money spent gives this seat back to the Democrats.

I feel for the schmuck, being led down the rosy path of of destitution. Who is going to pick of the campaign debt? Ask Woolf when everyone left him high and dry. This moron is putting his family financial health in dire straights. We will just have to pick up the education financial aid for his kids.

They know how to use all the angels.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

No one near the golf course "hates" Ms. Stefanik - a powerful word used for extreme cases ... dislike her and hate her policy positions, yes; but never hate.

This race is about money and PR posturing. Key and important and even critical Issues will be broad and general but just to whet the appetite of those who always fall for the same old campaign slogans that normally mean squat after they get into office and never get into policy. Happens every cycle. This time around she has a truckload of cash to buy the office and drawn Mr. Derrick along the way while raising a trailer full of cash (mostly from PACs and outside money - from those who can't even vote for her) - amazing.

Anonymous said...

8:33 Mentions she will set a record number and I have to agree. She has worked hard for the district, much harder than anyone in the last 25 years. Even my Union buddies are voting for her. 8:33 may think she is a RINO but I believe she is what has made this district solid Red again
and not purple or swing.

Who knows but I think she has just made it a little easier for the next GOP candidate replacing her when she decides to run for higher office.

Many people will be lining up to replace her and run on her coattails.

Mr. Placecard holder has been had.

Anonymous said...

Will such a war chest aid her in creating any jobs in the future?

Anonymous said...

They don't have a chance, from the media coverage she has been in the district just about each weekend since being elected.

Where's Waldo Candidate, no show, lackluster and not very visible, perhaps a tad on the lazy side. Another one that thinks he is entitled.