Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WDT: Senators Seek Grant for Paint

       Getting a $5M grant normally would be an exciting day for a local or state pol.  Imagine the presser to announce it or ribbon to be cut.
       But when it's for something as mundane as paint....well that seems a waste of a grant..Isn't that a normal expense just paid for and not the extraordinary expense a Senator....much less two Senators, would want to go to bat for.
       I could use a coat of sealer on my parking lot. Can I get a grant ? 
Watertown Daily Times | Senators Schumer and Gillibrand seek $5m for Ogdensburg bridge paint


Anonymous said...

Neither senator is a senator. The Schmuck is a lying, opportunistic, scum artist who's only real quality is being a NYC Democrat. The Giggybabe is simply a higher level maidservant to the boys than our Adelaide. That's why her first, and only accomplishment, was to lose weight. In her circles, being on the chunky side is unacceptable. Neither believe in anything but bigger government and less freedom. Gilly actually had a mind of her own, until she worked her first party. It's amazing what emptying a few ashtrays will do to your integrity.

Anonymous said...

Packed on 50+, has the freak Harry Reid noticed or said anything to

Anonymous said...

Call her up then, 8:29. See what she has to say.... Better yet, invite her to your home and discuss how much you know, then be prepared to sit in the corner with a dunce hat on. Chuck is clearly a NYC democrat, but if you look at his record of aiding northern ny, you will see he has been proactive. Look at the facts not the party affiliation. The guy has represented us well, whereas Alfonse DaMato never came north of Albany, only a few times to sackets harbor for his shady dealings with his "NYC" buddies with HUD connections. Do some research, dunce.