Thursday, June 16, 2016

WDT: Perry's Asks Readers for a Lifeline

    I read Perry's op/ed today and his muse and frustration with the state of print news. You know,declinging circulation and all that entails.
    He asks in the column for the public's help in reshaping the product.
     Now I am not one of those who revels in the loss of papers as I do believe the institutional knowledge and ability to cover things in ways others couldn't is important.
       One of my first jobs was facing declining news ratings while at Channel 7 in the early 80's. Cable TV and a frumpy, stale product were the culprits at the time. Couldn't do much about the former but the latter, that's another story.  In fact the Times did a story about it back in around 1985. The faster paced, "bang bang video" format with more spot news and sizzle did increase viewership although the old days of a 90 share were gone forever.
       It's even more complicated today with the Internet and changing generational attitudes.
       However, print people, especially those who run it, tend to be insular. They like it when the Governor visits their E Board and kow tows and its easy to get heady over all that.
       A lot of people joke about what thin gruel newspapers have become and the other day a true establishment type living on Paddock Street told me he's had it with the Times. Not just the volume of news, but the tone.
       That's not being mean, it's just relaying the message.
        There are things that could be done, although the unique situation in Watertown has been the presence of a motivated competitor in Newzjunky who salivates over every decline in circulation.
         Perry's column chronicles the demise, and asks the public to call and make suggestions. 
         Most of us who are consumers of news probably won't call, but I wish them well on finding solutions.


Anonymous said...

The irony being Newzjunky would largely cease to exist were it not for the efforts of print media which it co ops.

Anonymous said...

Perry knows the answer to this problem. He needs to basically abandon his liberal politics and start covering things from a more conservative point of view so that he is "fair and balanced'. The model is a proven model. The only people who want print news are the mature people and those older people have lived long enough to have a brain in spite of their hearts. Last week's editorial on diabetic injections at the lunch counter was a good start, but he has a loooong way to go.

I'm not sure if it wold make a difference any longer, but from the beginning I think it was a mistake to go to the morning paper. We simply don't have water cooler jobs with break rooms around here. If people are gong to find time to read the paper it is going to be at dinner time, not at the break room. Weekends could be an exception and that is an area to concentrate on because Stevo is not just an information thief he is lazy one on the weekends and holidays.

Anonymous said...

The political leanings of the Times completely turned me off and after 30 years of being a loyal subscriber I cancelled.
What they need to understand at 260 is that most of those of the Liberal persuasion that they pander to don't subscribe, they read a paper that someone else has laid out the cash for and the only way you could get them to buy it is if you taped a crisp new two dollar bill inside it on the editorial page of each edition.

By the same token if Newzjunky were to find a way to charge I would forgo that pleasure as well. The novelty of that site has worn thin with misspellings, the rare updates if they are done at all in the course of a day and the aggravation of clicking on topic titles only to have a completely unrelated topic come up.

Anonymous said...

I think the paper is doing a good job with their online version they post news promptly on there. Unfortunately I cannot imagine their struggle with the current overhead versus the revenue generated from online which certainly cannot possibly cover all that staff, building and equipment.

Compare outlets for just a moment here:
WDT in depth local reporting on local topics, they present/explain the issue.
WWNY 5-6 mins of news in their A block, most stories superficial, a lot of stories frankly are puff - cat rescued from the tree type news.
Newzjunky has to wait for someone else to report it, generally outside the area sources with a lag in posting of direct information like local releases and blotters, nothing truly of substance. Generally a decent collection of links to national stories. This product will mature and run its course like other media but only in a quicker time line. If any one has any sort of tablet or good phone chances are they receive news feeds already from their selection of personal choice sources.
Phone or Tablet - news fed to you by your chosen sources ability to read at your convenience. Seems to be the way it is going

BUT someone has to write and report that news, you should all hope reporters continue in their field.

And I am not a news person, just a consumer of news

rick aldrich said...

8:42; I agree with what you said, fair ,balanced, and honest reporting. Also, the sports section lacks a lot , in all types sports, many which they don't even cover.

Anonymous said...

Just reading through the comments on the Marry Rain thread below and it shows another example of how Perry could improve his readership.
His biased coverage against the bumbling republican female prosecutor up north is bound to turn off all the sensible readers.

This women is the same caliber that we have hear in Jeffco and the same as the woman who held the job before her and the man who held it before that. Most of her problems are the result of vendettas by the democrat judges and county employees in the Big county. And of course the pile on by Perrykos and Scottykos. Quit printing the lying crap about her and cover real news instead of covering infighting in the welfare county of master degrees in education and social services.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Bryant
Fred Kimball
Howard Lennon
Bobby Farmer
Frank Augustine

All WDT editors, now deceased. They wouldn't believe the WDT of today. No content. Not even a good weekly.

Does Jr. not read the paper? What's going on there?

Anonymous said...

Take away the "look at me, look at me" stories and pictures of the Community Foundation and nothing is left.
But wait, that isn't gong to happen. WDT owns the foundation and its top smiler.

Anonymous said...

True story; one of two-man team job left at a time when the WDT was downsizing. The man who stayed was asked if he do both jobs; if so, it would "be made worth his while". Why Yes, Yes, Yes, he said.

He got a 19-cents an hour raise.


Ownership hates their workers.

Anonymous said...

Both the wdt and junknews have pretty well rotted from within. A previous poster mentioned that the times has a good website, and on that, I agree. But junky has followed the pattern of most all major media by boot licking every liberal campaign out there. Their gun orgasm has become comical. But maybe mr smith has no choice. If you produce nothing on your own, then you are forced to eat whatever matter MSM gives you. The Times just got lazy. Not that smitty isn't. But the Times decended into an endless series of interviews with school administrators, government program advocates, and feel good buffoons who always want the same thing, more money. The Times never met a program they didn't like. Kind of a Dannie operation. They also declined to publish letters submitted by the great unwashed. I have no use for either of them.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so the Times chose not to publish your rants 8:55. Maybe I will renew my subscription, they show good taste.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people have had issues with the letters department, 1:43. If you master the principles of writing you too could submit a letter. That last sentence of yours is actually two sentences jammed together. Comma after rants please. This is too easy, as it were.

Anonymous said...

What's hilarious you g-nut is that you believe only one poster is slamming your rather boring ind disconnected comments. Your aim is off, as usual.

Grammar corrections? See? The state did fund your education, per se. On the job overheard learning while our fine inmates are being educated. Must be the cause of your disdain for teachers.

By the way, if any teachers are reading this blog thank you for your dedication to our children. You earn every dollar you make.