Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WDT: Mary Rain Says Her Problem is Simple....Not Enough Staffing

      SLC DA Mary Rain says people are quitting her employ because her office is chronically understaffed.  Have you ever heard someone in law enforcement and corrections say otherwise ?
       Crime?  Not enough cops, prosecutors, prisons.  When someone is acquitted, not enough people on the other side. When someone escapes, not enough guards.
        Mary Rain made her pitch for money this week to the Legislature that dropped a dime on her.
        Given the pay and benefits for the job, you have to figure there's a line of local lawyers anxious to run next year, but you can never count out an incumbent and Ms. Rain will likely fight hard to hang on.


Anonymous said...

Mary Rain will never be elected again for anything in St. Lawrence County.

She has proved that change isn't always better and in this case it was far worse than ever expected.

She should do the right thing for the first time since she was elected and RESIGN immediately.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mary Rain.. She has cried, threatened, attempted intimidation, but does not try to get along within a system.. There are many other departments in this County that work understaffed and underpaid.. You choose your career, no one makes you take these jobs. You should be willing to work within the system.. Everyother DA in SLC history has worked the job for what it is..
The real problem lays with the state of NY and mandated salarys..Her getting what she is making is outrageous. The other factors are Real lawyers want to make real money so they (the good ones go into their own practice or partner up with another attorney.. The midrange attorney works with an experienced firm and gets paid a salary and probably gets to be a small percentage partner.. The real lazy ones look for a forty hour week job so they attempt to hook on with government,, but dont stay long because they have to work lots of overtime.
Rain cannot be fun to work for in fact it seems shes next to impossible to tolerate. She hightly incompetant for this job and cannot accept responsibility for her shortcommings nor has she tried to get along with the judges or legislators.
She has tried to intimidate other dept heads including the former county administrator and has a previous history of this type of actions against judges and legislators in previous jobs in other counties. She proved herself incompetant in a previous job with the County and had to be replaced
She has lied to the court numerous times thus creating the atmosphere that she is trying to convict people instead of seeking justice a prime example of her actions against Mr Hillary who will be tried for murder. Image when found not guilty will file a very expensive lawsuit against her and the County.
Some of the people she has hired leave much to desire. Mr Gebo who created an unfair circumstance for accused people was let resign without any action be taken against him. Mr Gebo had previously been removed from a judgeship in another county and santioned for his actions. Wm Nelson of Ogdensburg re-appointed him to judgeship in Ogdensburg so seeing nelson make a serious error in judgemnt Mary made the same mistake..
Her days are numbered as DA. If not by NYS removal certainly by voter removal.

Anonymous said...

Her problem is threefold.
She has a hostile county govenrment/judges.
She has a hostile media.
And most importantly, her problem is that she takes her job seriously.

She should take a cue from us here in Jefferson county and plead everything down to a slap on the wrist or else just drop the charges altogether. Then her department's case load would be nil in a few months.

If she wants to be successful, we need to read more stories about puppies being killed in front of little boys, because the woman felt threatened by the puppy. Then we need to read not another word more about it. Just like here in Jefferson county, where we read about sheriff deputies getting away with DWI. Where we read about whipping cocoa in the kitchen and murder. Where we read about fathers throwing their babies so high that they hit the ceiling and die. Then we need to not read another word about it.

Anonymous said...

Why is it such a sudden big problem for her,and not her predecessor?No,the problem is her and her management ability.Period.