Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WDT: Investigators looking into suspicious California Avenue fire

   A commenter said don't worry, it's just a disgruntled tenant...or maybe it's mischievous kids.....Like last fall's car bombings or the Vanduzee conflagration.

    Last night's California Avenue housefire has been labled as set and not by accident.

     The threat to life and property from arson is scary and the people who do this stuff need to be caught.

Watertown Daily Times | Investigators looking into suspicious California Avenue fire


Anonymous said...

Google the address. Sounds like good people liver there.

Its a wonder city fire inc. was able to put it out, seeing they be down a few chefs an all.

Anonymous said...

7:12 are you for real. Look at what you wrote. I guess English was not your top subject.
Nice Job FF's. You saved the house next door too.

Anonymous said...

Did they question all the local firemen?

Anonymous said...

8:58, I am for real.
The entire point would be lost on them, if I didn't use union member parlance and conflate the spelling of their job excuse me...FORMER job title.