Friday, June 24, 2016

WDT: Fire Captains Get Their Marching Orders and a New Title

        The fire captain renaming is essentially a result of the core reason for hiring labor Svengali Terry O'Neill after years of namby pamby bargaining over a dollar here or there on co-pays.
         The goal has been to create a flash point...a line in the sand issue that can be resolved either through litigation or leveraged bargaining.
        The latter is in play here. A combination of assertive PR and pitting smoke eaters against one another over some getting pay cuts while others don't.
         I assume the feeling is there will pressure within the union to get pay restored to eight captains demoted to firefighter/unit leader.
         On the union side,  going to arbitration will produce a status quo imposed contract and tee the controversy up for another cycle, thus costing the city money and the risk of public fatigue with the conflict.
       But that doesn't help the captains who took a pay cut.
       The City may say it wants an end to minimum manning and in theory they do. What they would likely take is a reduction by one, two, maybe three men in exchange for a pay hike and some kind of accommodation for the captains caught in the crossfire.
        "Unit leader" sounds so contemporary management style..Kind of like a Wal-Mart or McDonalds. The old paramilitary model is fading.  Maybe police sergeants can be called team leader. Well, probably not.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown fire department captains get marching orders


Anonymous said...

Suck it up Fire Captains. The Union lost this one.

Your Boss just had her Contract renewed for 2 years.

Take it with a SMILE.

Anonymous said...

But wait doesn't the police dept. already have this managementstyle?? Just added a new Lt. if it's like the Army do we give him or her real bullets? Good Thing we have Uber now the Police Chief can give the CM rides home again, wow Fishers Landing is a long ways.......Oh wait she can take the bus...Her CO boyfriend drives.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Wow — lose pay, have a different pay scale, keep the same key duties and responsibilities, get a different title, and do the same job? Interesting concept - innovative eve...!!!

So, I think our current city manager should step up and lead and set the example by doing the same job with a pay cut just like she dished out to the WFD former Captains.

In short, she should: "Take a pay cut, keep doing the same job, get a new title, like Faux City Manager, and then keep on trucking and serving the city."

Seems fair to me. — Dan Francis

Anonymous said...

whatever dani your opinion is about as important as no class mikeys

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could call her city hall unit manager, 20% pay cut. Keep your chin up Sharon and do your same job for less money. Whats good for employees should be good enough for management. In fact implement it citywide, PD,DPW, Electric, CSEA, Council. Ought to work well.
Not a judge in this land that will side with city on this issue, its just costing us taxpayers money and padding the downstate lawyers pockets

Anonymous said...

If Danny is against it, then I'm for it. He's never right about anything.
Like today when he gave the Mayor a hard time for agreeing with the majority of voters on brexit. In Danny's weird mind, putting Britain back the way it has always been, is akin to having no laws. I s@#t you not, that is what he tried to argue today. Yup, without Brussels, Britain is lawless. Yup that makes perfect sense. A fine point. Genius I would even say.

Anonymous said...

Other duties as assigned Dan. You should be familiar with that.

Anonymous said...

Danny, the question is did we need a title to do the job. I don't think so. To compare it to the City manager is childish and only done to inflame those that don't think.

Anonymous said...

Never thought I would agree with our resident golf course hero,but he is absolutely correct.Today he has earned the rightful term of His Most Lordship Danny with a Y,no IE today,whatever the hell that means when people put it down anyways, I sure dunno.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to tell me that the lying crybaby fire union already had the appropriate job classification that would solve this alleged problem of not having a captain on every truck? And the only difference is that the new position does not have authority and responsibility for taking disciplinary or performance actions?

But boo if a single truck shows up it may not have a captain on it. So the union er I mean Chief claims he may have to send two trucks sometimes. As if that doesn't already happen every chance they get. As if a captain doesn't perform his duties (whatever those are) by radio. These guys are undeliverable.

Kudos to the city manager for recognizing that the city fire chiefs had abandoned using the appropriate job clarification, so they could promote their buddies to unneeded higher paying positions. I recommend the council give her a raise. Renewing her contract for two years without a raise was very kind of her to accept but she deserves a raise.