Thursday, June 16, 2016

WDT: Decision on Court Has Proved Elusive

       The much delayed city court renovations are surely frustrating to Council members. Mayor Butler surely remembers the meeting a good two years ago with state court officials at which there was agreement to move forward, but it never did and staff talks stalled. I thought it was solved then. Now there are suggestions of abandoning City Hall entirely, and little consensus on security measures.
     Whatever is done will be a cob job on a 50+ year old building, but the alternatives are not really any better.
      Next year one of the two judges is up for election. This could become an issue at that time if Council doesn't get it resolved.


Anonymous said...

The city should be more afraid of the Americans with Disabilities Act police, than of the Courtroom compliance police. That building was designed and built in the 40's-70's dark age of architecture. A period when all known architectural discoveries and knowledge were lost. A period that produced such eyesores as your beloved fountain and of course city hall and the former Watertown Savings Bank building. There is very little about that building that is in compliance and very little effort has been made to take "reasonable" steps to come into compliance, much less what steps Obama's justice department would have you take.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we just use the Court complex and save a few dollars? Why retrofit a building unnecessarily?