Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WDT: The Big County to Towns: Feed Me !

          Historically sales tax tends to grow (not every year) so local governments like having it as a revenue source and in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties the initial political support for imposing a local sales tax came from towns and villages who were cut in on deal.

      Only counties and cities have a statutory claim to sales tax, so any deal to carve it up have to be between a county and city.

      So in SLC, if the county wants more, the City of Ogdensburg should insist its 6.4% remain the same and any reallocation come from the town and village portion.

      Last year when Jefferson raised it's tax by a quarter point, they didn't broach the distribution so all the other entities got the benefit of a tax hike without voting for it.

Watertown Daily Times | St. Lawrence County may ask towns, villages and city of Ogdensburg to revise sales tax formula


Anonymous said...

What if the city and county don't agree, then what happens?
If the city has all this pull you say they do, then why don't they take half of it instead of settling for such a pittance?

Anonymous said...

I,ve said this before so once more wont hurt. The Sheriffs Road Patrol is not mandated. It may be needed but if it is probably each town should furnish their own like Norwood.. Yah theirs alot of crime but this war on drugs is a failing thing especially here.
The Sheriff is mandated to have an undersheriff and the Sheriff is mandated to serve legal papers upon written request from parties. This is done by his Civil Division but their is no specific law mandating this division as long as the work mandated is done the Sheriff is acting within the law.
The Sheriff is mandated to maintain a jail but a Sheriff is not mandated to have road patrol take prisioners to courts etc. This could be done by jail staff.If there is no road patrol to arrest peopl that will fall to the State Police and it would be up to our Senator and Assembly people to see we are staffed properly. If the State arrest they will take to court and arraign and deliver their prisioners to the Sheriff. Once in custody with the Sheriff the jail we be obliged to carry on the court etc like in our prisons.
I know it would change a lot of what goes on in todays world and things would have to be ironed out but simply ignoring this dept is wrong in times like these.
The Sheriff dept is topheavy with most Supervisors working day shift within thirty feet of each other.
Another problem is the use of County cars to and from work.. Its happening.. If these cars go home the employees should be charged the gas price and be taxed accordingly as a salary pert.

Anonymous said...

There you go Jeff not telling the whole story. The county can take all the sales tax they want regardless of what the city says or does. The city can impose its own sales tax inside the city limits. But you did not opt for that because you are smart enough to realize most of the revenue is generated outside i.e. Mall, car dealers, Walmart etc. so your 24% of the whole is greater than a 505/50 split in the city if you imposed your own. Jefferson is one of a few counties that distributes to the city and towns, they do not have to though

Anonymous said...

Hey 926 are all the towns and villages in the north country really necessary? And yesr the Sheriff's dept. needs to be trimmed back, do we really need a detective division? MRAP? and the boat, K9 (Is the dogs name really Red Stag)..