Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WDT: Big County Fusses Over Clear Bags.

    The latest unfunded mandate in our lives is the rule that you have to use clear plastic bags so the recycling police can easily identify scofflaws.  St. Lawrence County Legislator Joe Timmerman is opposing the mandate and the local paper editorializes that his opposition, based on privacy, is absurd.
     The people pushing for the bags say it increases recycling, reduces trash, and prolongs the life of the massive landfill in Rodman. The same people are also pushing for single stream recycling but the aformentioned JCC survey shows people don't want it.
    Recycling and trash rules are not universally embraced and the further away you get from opinion leaders, people seem ambivalent.
     I practice single stream, but it costs extra. I do it as a personal favor. In fact I think my bags are clear too. I didn't ask for them, I just ordered a case of bags from the Perkins.


Anonymous said...

Would you be in compliance with the clear bag police if you place a clear bag over an opaque bag?

No it is not absurd to be against clear bags. It is absurd to require them. How about a pro choice on clear bags?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all seeing big brother would like to install some security cameras in my toilet to be sure I'm not flushing anything nefarious down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Jim Wright speaks, Johnsons publish.

Anonymous said...

Wait wait stop the press pieces. I want to know if any of the clear plastic bag mfg. have donated to De'Blasio or any other Democratic St. Lawrence County pols.

DeBlasio is under investigation after a contractor that had bid for the city to use and purchase his garbage trash bags was awarded a contract, soon after money was deposited into Lurch's account. This contract had bid on the contract for many years but found a very willing and corrupt libtard.

What do we h ave here, can our investigative reporters do some actual investigation on this matter?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, McDonalds and every other business just recycles cardboard and sends every thing else to the landfill.