Sunday, June 12, 2016

WaPo: NY 21 One of Five Canary-in-the Coal Mine Districts

    The Washington Post reports our CD and it's freshman MOC is one of five districts that if it flips will be part of the kind of wave election signaling a change of power in the House.
       Rep. Elise Stefanik was elected two years ago as the nation's youngest ever female MOC. Her district has become increasing purple on the Presidential level and was carried by President Obama in 2012.
      While the GOP is widely thought to be likely to lose seven to ten seats, the Post suggests if districts like ours go south, it would be indicative of the kind of wave that could topple the GOP....Sounds like DC group think analysis as Ms. Stefanik seems positioned for a win and her Democratic opponent doesn't seem to have the juice to win.
      However, with so much turmoil at the Presidential level and the press fully engaged to stop Donald Trump,  those who worry about down-ballot are nervous.


Anonymous said...

The GOP could lose half the house seats they currently hold and the Harvard Girl would still be safe. She won with 53% on her first race, and she will win by 63% in her second term. I suppose if Chuck Schumer or Obama were to move here and run against her, she might lose, but I wouldn't guarantee it. The only other way she could lose is if a real conservative challenged her in the general and split off her votes. But given her current opponents, that wouldn't do it even if they split her votes down the middle.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives were angered by her vote on May 25 supporting Obama's executive order on transgender identification which includes the infamous bathroom provision; Most Republicans were opposed but Stefanik sided with Pelosi and the far-left in voting to uphold the executive order. What might save her is the fact Democrats had to go to Colorado to recruit a candidate. If it be much closer if they selected someone locally to run for Congress.

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece that they recognize how Stefanik and the four others are at the top of the heap and would be very difficult and might add more expenseive to replace these seats.

Stefanik wins by an even greater percentage, no way are the Dems. going to spend any money on this district when their attention is on closer races.

Don't believe for a second that the Hilldabeast will have any impact in upstate NY, this will be Trumpland. Just look at how no one showed at Addies get together with her friend Chelsea Clinton, what did they have 20-25 females. Nobody cares about the questionable health STD carry body sexual predadtor Billybob.

Personally, I just want Addie GONE. Stefanik is secure and not a worry.

Anonymous said...

Elise is a no-show in Jefferson County thanks to Don ABCDE Coon and the WDT. They don't like her and she doesn't need them! By the way, what happened to her Transition Team? Was it simply a media blurb or did they meet?