Thursday, June 30, 2016

Various Political Observations and Other Musings on a Thursday

        Had a couple political chats today with insiders on both sides of the 'aisle" and the consensus is that the fix is in on the C line for former SLC Legislator William Sheridan who is also seeking the GOP line for Assembly in the River District.
   .  I am told Mr. Sheridan is tight with long time Conservative activist Hank Ford, meanwhile a Democratic operative tells me the Addie Russell campaign is planning on Mr. Sheridan being the opponent, even dropping some opp/ research in the conversation.
      Fellow Republicans Russ Finley and John Byrne are also announced. Democrats don't feel Russ has the juice to get the nomination and as for Mr. Byrne, their file on him is locked and loaded.
      Mr. Sheridan has been a dabbler in politics dating back to Assemblyman David Martin. However his profile in Jefferson County is thin and that's being charitable.
     Democrats and Ms. Russell have tuned up their effort since their haphazard close call two years ago.
     In other politics, tomorrow I conclude my HOTLINE interviews with Congressional candidates as Rep. Elise Stefanik is stopping by.  I really only have one question to ask and it's not about "issues".
It's always a pleasure to visit with the Congresswoman and if she wants to talk about missile defense, that's OK too as I hear that's the issue du jour.
     Now that its pretty much confirmed that Joe Scarborough and his sidekick Mika are an item,  I just won't be able to watch the show the same way knowing they are playing footsie and did the dirty before coming to work. I hope his declining wardrobe choices are not her doing, but his slobbering sycophancy to Secretary Clinton is much more understandable.
     Following up on a couple stories. Newzjunky connected the dots on the old Carolyn Pontiac and it seems the Capraras purchased it. Nothing but good can come to that blighted property. Also my revelations on the water czar were noticed by some as our hit count jumped with a NJ link. Even people in Pyrites were checking it out.
     Tomorrow, I think I will stop by the Monument dedication in Thompson Park as I did vote on the location and was an early contributor.



Middle-Class Mike said...

Well we finally have a plausible explanation of why this show went off the rails months ago, maybe after love conquers all, we can get these two future Co-Habitators, to be effective Co-Hosts once again on Morning Joe

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you break this story mikey? Seems right up your alley!

Anonymous said...

Put a photo Sheridan in a maid's outfit next to our Adelaide, same deal. It will be a toss up.