Monday, June 6, 2016

Two Thruway Toll Collectors Earned in Six Figures

     Why is there media amazement over this. Sitting in that box for hours hoping some idiot with a gun doesn't come through is no easy job. Imagine sitting at the Little Falls exit on the graveyard shift in January ?


Anonymous said...

To earn that much that person probably had to work 60 hour weeks for most of the year. So bet it. They deserve it. Look at it this way. That employee probably worked more that year than an average teacher does in three. When they were in the Bahamas, or Florida, or Myrtle Beach, that guy was in his toll booth.

Anonymous said...

Because Mr. Graham, everything is getting politicized here in NY. No one is entitled to making a good salary anymore. I would imagine these folks have been on the job for awhile and worked overtime. Same thing with the Fireman. God forbid people show up to work and earn a salary. Seems to me NY is moving towards a socialized state, where everyone should make the same think no matter what they do for a living.

Max Volume said...

Good think they weren't firemen.
They would've been demoted.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how to take you, I know your words on this could be tongue in cheek but I'm having my doubts. You've gone over the edge I fear, bat shit crazy.
I used to think you were a fiscal conservative who understood the value of a dollar but now it appears you have gone full blown Socialist.
The way you support foolish, irresponsible government spending and govt employee's making unreasonable amounts of money boggles the mind.
How could a toll collector possibly be worth over 100K per year? Or a fireman who actually works about 5 hours a week worth the amount they are paid?
Perhaps you are catering to the base... customer base that is.

Anonymous said...

There's worse jobs......Like being a CO in a prison, and the findings of the latest escape prove that were not getting what we pay for, Hey maybe the demoted Captains in the FD can get a job like this, Or maybe the COW Manager.