Tuesday, June 14, 2016


       Everybody likes our new staff shirts at the Pearl Street Pub. Even got kudos today from the Capitol. The stitching was done at Robbe Sales on Route 283 just down the road.
       The Russians have hacked the DNC files on Trump and other party matters....The Plumbers would be proud...Got er done without breaking into the Watergate.
        We are working to reschedule the Roller Derby car wash...Maybe a week day as there's lots of traffic here.
         Morning Joe is getting worse. Clearly Scarborough is miffed and committed to defeating Trump.
          The DC Democratic primary is today and that ends the season...It was exciting. Who would have thought we'd be where we are ? Can't wait for the conventions.

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Anonymous said...

That fountain you like so much should be dumped in the Black River. Make it a diving reef.