Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Musings

    The popular Honda Ridgeline pick up trucks are back on the lots. Four arrived this week and were sold immediately according to a Pete's regular who bought a Black Edition. Nice looking ride Terry.
     A local Democrat says a rumor among party members is that President Obama will pardon Secretary Clinton after November 8 to inoculate her against any legal peril on the email or other issues being investigated.
     That may explain why everyone is so blasé about the FBI.
      The Mount Carmel Feast celebrates its one hundredth year this weekend. It's a great event and will be even better this year. It's held at St. Anthony's on Arsenal Street.
       Former Councilman Jeff Smith has become quite the athlete in his later years. His Mom tells me he recently competed in an Iron Man event by swimming a mile, biking 56 miles and running 13 miles.
      Got all our new staff shirts in from Robbe Sales on Route 283.  They are a hit and come in both button and polo.


Anonymous said...

Personally I view the Ridgeline being a truck as much as an El Camino was a truck.

Anonymous said...

That would be really neat. A criminal president that has to be pardoned before taking office. Only a Dannie would get wet over that one.

Anonymous said...

Weren't the Iran contra affair people pardoned after "the great one" ?