Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump Says His Last Words on Trump U. Case...and Hasn't Tweeted in Almost a Day.

      Donald Trump is finally shutting his pie hole on the judge in his civil case......He did not say Hispanics are incapable of being judges. He said the circumstances in his case gave him pause, and like many of his ilk, he was unable to let his lawyers handle it.

     Mr. Trump put out a statement on the matter and has not Tweeted in nearly a day.

     Many in the GOP has criticized Mr. Trump. Many were desperately trying to preserve their political piece of the pie.

      I am sure Trump's lawyers told him he got screwed, but in keeping with his outspoken style he was unable to restrain himself.

      Get back on message.

Donald Trump says HE'S the victim over 'Mexican' judge furor | Daily Mail Online


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Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

If the "Mexican judge" (T-rump's label for the Judge born in Indiana) is racist as some GOPers say as they struggle to stick with Trump no matter what he says, then start a legal movement to get the "racist" judge removed from office otherwise stop the BS Trump damage control PR spin.