Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tid Bits on a Thursday.

     Sometimes I think I should have been a reporter. Today I was interested to discover that Tesla charging station at the Salmon Run Mall. It's clearly part of an effort by the electric car company to create a useable network of high voltage chargers when the firm's most affordable car comes out next year. With a range of 215 miles and a price in the thirties, nobody will buy them unless there is a means to charge up at predictable intervals.
     I also heard some details on a major business transaction that will be of interest to many, but I don't have enough confirmed details to go further here, other than one participant is the Berkshire Hathaway firm owned largely by Warren Buffett.
      Somebody also sent me a copy of an interesting court ruling last week, but I don't get into breaking news here.....
       Years ago I worked briefly as an assignment editor at TV 50, so I know a little about news. Not enough to be a gatekeeper but enough to spot things.


ShackedOut said...

Cars and car companies are making Watertown news today it seems

Anonymous said...

You have the best nose for news within at least 100 miles of here.
That is why your blog is successful. That is why you are the best Hotline host.

No doubt the charging stations are a tax write off scam.

Anonymous said...

Only losers think elecric cars are news.

Anonymous said...

What 11:02 said. 9:39, you've got to be related.

Anonymous said...

Its not electric cars, its the charging stations for electric cars, installed at our local mall, that is newsworthy.

Keep in mind that the bar is set unbelievably low. Just go to channel 7, junk news and WDT's to see how unbelievably low that bar is.