Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Great Unwashed Confound the Elites

      Amid a day of roiling the markets and spooking the public about their 401K's, the media also was fond of speculating on why those ill-informed, cranky, old, racist, xenophobic Brits didn't follow the advice of President Obama and vote to reject the Brexit.
      Only one talking head put it in perspective and explained why it's not that big a deal on several fronts. Ben Stein was a lone voice in a cacaphony of doom and revulsion that the political and media elites had been rebuffed.


dajeep said...

Osama can't run his own country. Doesn't have any business telling others how to run theirs. (low-brow).

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Gobalism has a nasty Price-Tag!"

Donald Trump has been proven right about Hillary & Bill's brand of 'Globalism' which has failed to protect the American economy (2% G.P.A. growth over the course of Pres. Obama's tenure)has lead to a steady erosion of the Middle-Class and put the Working Class on 'starvation' wages!

Many EU Countries are now considering leaving the EU. Why? The effect of uncontrolled immigration, & the ability of EU workers to move freely from one County to another to flood a given Countries labor force is eroding wages and job opportunities for domestic workers.

Donald J. Trump is going to put America 1st, end the Globalism agenda of POTUS & Hillary, which has led to fewer Jobs and low economic growth.

Hillary Clinton has the MSM Media shilling for her in a massive 'Propaganda' tirade, that attempts to blame Mr. Trump for short term Stock Market down-turns. The Brits voted to get out of the EU, because the EU was milking them dry!

The courage Brits showed will be rewarded with a more competitive & vibrant economy in the coming decade. More of the same in the EU would have bled their economy dry!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the Brits really knew how important our Lying President really is. If they had, they certainly would have bent over and played the game.

NY21inMD said...

It is not possible for Britain to improve its situation with the Brexit. They will have to negotiate a new economic relationship with the EU and it will not be better than they have now. They will pay higher tariffs to sell in the EU. Foreign investors will bypass the UK to participate directly in the EU market. This will strengthen Frankfurt and Paris as financial centers. What happens to the three million EU workers currently paying taxes in the UK? Maybe they can stay but other immigrants will certainly not be welcome in the UK. A million Brits working in the EU will likely come home or be sent home. Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland will leave the UK to stay in the EU thus diminishing the political, diplomatic and military power of the UK.

The key to the EU, of course, is German leadership. They cannot accept a Brexit by rewarding the UK with benefits of EU membership without the associated costs. Other EU members would ask for the same, the EU would start to unravel and Russia would begin to assert its authority over Eastern Europe again as countries look for new trading and security partners. The Germans must give up, or at least loosen, its austerity policies (i.e., tight money and balance budgets) that have unnecessarily crippled other southern EU countries such as Greece. (These countries have caused many of their problems but Germany and the EU have not helped address these problems.)

All-in-all, I see the British as being the long-term losers in this saga that will play out over the next few years and Russia the eventual winner. At least I have something to watch when Game of Thrones ends.

Anonymous said...

No Class is an economist now too? Wow! How's your one 'man'I-Spy show coming along mikey?

Anonymous said...


Even if your dismal scenario comes to pass, freedom is worth the price. Hopefully you will understand that someday.

Middle-Class Mike said...

ANON 12:02 seems endlessly fascinated by the gifts MCM has and he doesn't, but envy will get him no where -- which is where he is right now,a real, No Where Man!

Get a Life Dude!

Anonymous said...

12:56, your point is well taken but you should have emphasized that his analysis is completely wrong. Simply put, it makes no sense for a first world country to be in a union with all those third world countries and socialist countries, or in the case of France, they are both.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about that pesty 401k when I retire. I can live on my vegetable garden thru the winter. It may not pay the mortgage But hey, that's the price of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Yep GB is headed back to the 19 th century , Ireland and Scotland will leave the Uk ,.

British elderly overwhelmingly and without understanding the ramifications voted in favor thus screwing the millenials

The hypocritical idiots believed immigration was their concern . BUT Hey LETS think for minute and review British history . ENGLAND has for centuries COLONIZED other areas of the globe , raided their natural resources , enslaved their citizens under british bullshit monarchy who in fact are ON WELFARE as they are drones without productivity YET .

Moreover , England in the past were terriorists when they colonized , brutally enslaving, murdering and theiving the colonies resources both human and physical .the IRONY is the BRITS infact were immigrants in their conquered colonies. HYPOCRITS !!!!

Oh yeah these guys are smart , the hyper wealthy will ONLY make more money on this idiocy while the seemingly DUPED British working class and the idea of a UNITED KINGDOM fade . Brits just shot emselves in the foot ,and just in the last TWO DAYS have begun to realize what a folly this is and so now petitions for a NEW REFERENDUM have already been submitted .

The loony tune crowd that voted for this will pay dearly for following idiotic leadership like BORIS who Btw looks like he came from the small fingere vulgarian' s gene pool .

June 25, 2016 at 12:37 PM

Anonymous said...

Better to die a freeman than live as a slave. Join the fight to end globalism.

Anonymous said...

NYinSeptic, the problem with you people is you've spent too much time in DC and have forgotten that most people want to retain some of the culture their nation is known for. Like the Liar in Chief that you work for, Britain has opened it's borders to hundreds of thousands of immigrants that have no intention of becoming productive members of that nation. It's the same here. You rightly realize that these fine people will become wards of our welfare system. Thus, they will vote for government lovers like you. We should remember that your lying hero and the Pants Suited criminal gave us the Illustrious Arab Spring. UnderTheDesk leaches like yourself got soaked over that. Now we are left for a dissolving Middle East, with millions of refugees as a result. It a way, I commend you. This importation of freesfull Democrats was brilliant. Trouble is, the Brits got tired of it. You and the Dannies need to keep hoping America doesn't notice.

Anonymous said...

Ben Stein isn't the only one, by any means, but you don't really expect the media to report on any of those people do you?