Friday, June 17, 2016

Suspect Who Did Work For DA Mary Rain Gets Special Prosecutor | WWNY TV 7

       Now it's a special probe of Mary Rain's deck....The DA's tenure in public life is reminding me of Hillary Clinton...Whether guilty or not we seem to spend a lot of money on special probes brought solely because she is a political figure.

       Even if found non-prosecutable on all matters, should we have to spend so much money so a lawyer can have a $182K job.(Or a $400K job for that matter.)

Suspect Who Did Work For DA Mary Rain Gets Special Prosecutor | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Another hit piece by MSNBC tv7.
This is not news.
I don't know if Rain took note of every employee her contractor used but pretended was a sub, however if the liberal judge feels it is a conflict then that is his right. But its not news worthy.

Anonymous said...

936.. Your right.. This judge is just passing the free money out to other attorneys, prosecutors and their assistants.. This is the type of BS that bankrupting the counties today.
Next election will solve the Rain Problem but I have no idea what can be done about the current system of rescusing themselves.

Anonymous said...

9:36 - Judge Champagne is anything but liberal. He is pretty much the polar opposite of the true liberal, Judge Richards.

The story does seem a bit hokey though. As much as I think Ms. Rain lacks the competence and temperment to serve as a DA, the fact that an individual on probation was repairing her porch as an employee of a contractor seems a far reach to investigate. Had she offered probation in exchange for him fixing her porch, well....then we might have a story. This just seems to be a case of happenstance. But, I love the fact that she keeps the news interesting in SLC on a quite regular basis.

Just 18 more months SLC and the Insane Rain era will be over. Hold tight!

Anonymous said...

8:29, all judges are liberal. In this case, regardless of your false impression of the judge, the judge is taking a very liberal stance on the law. What evidence is there that the DA is biases and regardless, all DA's are supposed to be biased against the criminal and in favor of the people. She works for the people not for the criminals.

But the most important point is, lets just pretend for a moment that its a proper interpretation of the law to dictate that a biased DA is not allowed to prosecute a criminal and lets just pretend that Rain's experience with this criminal is enough to cause her to be biased. The point is that its still not news. The only reason it is being covered is because Scottykos wants to attack the DA

Anonymous said...

7:54 - I think if you saw Judge Champagne in action, you would realize you were the one with a false impression. Further, you are showing your lack of education with your statement that all judges are liberal and reaffirming my belief that NY should not let the voters at large elect judges. Read some decisions by Justices Scalia, Alito and Thomas and you will find they are anything but liberal. If that isn't enough, Judges William Pryor and Diane Sykes have written some pretty tight decisions that are to the right of Scalia. Of course, I may be inferring too much in believing that you might recognize a conservative judicial opinion if you actually took the time to read one. Also, DAs are not supposed to be biased against criminals, they are supposed to follow the facts and then prosecute a case, not the person, if the facts support said prosecution. When the facts are "iffy," they are supposed to use prosecutorial discretion. However, a DA holding a bias against a defendant should never prosecute that person - whether the bias is pro or con. It is simply an ethical issue.