Sunday, June 19, 2016


       I was feeling a little peckish tonight after work so I went to Pete's for the Sunday fare.  OK , I learned a new word from a very erudite Paddock Street resident, so I had to use it.
       These First Pres people are very good with words.     


dajeep said...

Well either you were mildly hungry, or irritable,crotchety. That's from wiki.

Anonymous said...

That's nice Jeff. Never too old to learn new things.. It was nice to be at the IHC graduation Saturday and see how the class of 2016 honored Mrs. Parsons for her dedication and devotion to the class and school. Mr. Clough was there to "um", "um" through his speech. I'm sure he was very nervous since he and Mrs. Smith were behind the failed attempt to remove her from the administration. I'm so glad their hard work to make things better in their eyes came back to show them that they are outnumbered. I didn't see her there, so she missed the whole thing how much Mrs. Parson's is loved and needed for the school. I still think, since Mr. Smith responded with some reasons for her and Mr. Cloughs efforts, i believe they should have been confidential from her position on the board and the board as a whole along with the priest should hole them accountable and have them removed from their positions. He tried this stuff with City Hall and see where he is now???? She will be right behind him, I'm sure..
Great Job Class of 2016 and your kind words and "classy" gestures for Mrs. Parsons is much above some adults.

Anonymous said...

Using uncommon words in order to attempt to impress? Isn't that what a person exhibiting intellectual pretensions that has no basis in sound scholarship would do? Odds are, next, you will try to squeeze the word "tyro" into your parlance.

Anonymous said...

I prefer 'fiddy' Jeff.