Sunday, June 5, 2016


      Topping today's news Shootie and Cindy Romig celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Congrats to two great people and Pearl Street neighbors !
      I'll have to move the rusty dial in the AM away from Morning Joe, or so I hear.
      Newt Gingrich was great on TV today dressing down The Donald for this silly attack on the judge, and his failure to respond to Secretary Clinton's speech last week.
      Trump has the issues and the opponent who is flawed, but he is not showing he can put it together. Thank goodness for his flack Katrina who fends off the attacks so well.
      Did you know Puerto Rico allows people to vote while in prison ? Today's Dem primary is expected to go to Mrs. Clinton.
      Now that there's no shootings on State Street, I'll pop down to the Deuce for a beer tonight, but I will watch out for the one year olds crossing the street.

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Anonymous said...

If NYS allowed prisoners to vote, Clinton Correctional would need to set up an absentee system...