Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stefanik Supports "The Nominee" But Still Troubled by Some Trump Statements

   Angst and misgivings over each party's  likely Presidential nominee appeared this week in both major party Congressional candidates in NY21.
    Appearing in Lake George, Rep. Elise Stefanik reaffirmed her support for her party's nominee without mentioning Donald Trump by name or formally endorsing him by name.
    Two days ago, challenger Michael Derrick again refused to say who he supported on the Democratic side.
     In this increasingly purple swing district, two national candidates far under water in popularity numbers are not people local candidates appear to want to get too close to. Privately GOP sources say they expect Mr. Trump to carry the district although four years ago President Obama bested Mitt Romney by five points.


Anonymous said...

The liberal media (like WDT's and NJ) just can't understand that no one cares. She is going to win by record numbers. Good for her to say she would vote for Trump in a round about way.

Anonymous said...


Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Let me clarify my stance on this as I stated on the Hot Line recently was a bit unclear. We have a secret ballot system and no one is required or obliged to say who they voted for or not.

Now, this one major exception: Elected officials should by the mere fact they used the Party apparatus to get into office should always state who they do or do not support as a matter of party unity and loyalty.

Candidates - not necessarily true. Elected officials have an obligation to support their party, right? Hard to deny that.

Anonymous said...

Just following Ryan's lead. Hopefully Ryan will lose his primary.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, if you wouldn't talk so much party line nonsense you wouldn't have to spend so much time clarifying things, as it were.

Anonymous said...

12:5a Dan, If I were you I would be verrrrrrrry worried. There is going to be lots of angry Libtards that are not going to show up after Clinton loses CA Tuesday or mysteriously loses the populist vote but still gets her super#s anyway.

Can you say stolen. She is already calling herself the winner, now why is that?

More importantly, just admit you hate women or more specifically hate Republican women and that's why you are so obsessed with Elise Stefanik.

Tsk tsk, she wins by an even wider margin, your party is just using whoever this guy is running against her.

Anonymous said...

Only the crybabies on here truly hate women. They fear all vaginas. :D