Monday, June 13, 2016

Some React, Others Want to Shut Out Horror in Florida

       In talking to customers and friends yesterday, many were very interested in the Orlando shootings, but others were oblivious and not interested in hearing more same.
       New York pols reacted of course. Flags at half staff and a rainbow flag in front of City Hall in Syracuse.
       We will see if HOTLINE listeners are interested today, but for many I bad as they feel over what happened, it's something many just want to shut out.


Anonymous said...

For the liberals, there is only three ways to react.
1. This is Trump's fault.

2. These victims were gay or gay friendly, so they are WAAAAAy more tragic than the 468 who were murdered in Chicago last year for the same reason (which is that democrats don't prosecute known criminals).

3. We need national background checks for gun ownership. Once we get the backgrounds, we will allow all Islamic extremist wife beaters who have a history of saying they support ISIS, to have guns. All white males will be turned down.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' Dannie is in hiding. Klopflit is covering his eyes and ears. Ny21underAnythingheCanFind is traveling. What a great time to tell us what the Donkey party spin is on all this. As 7:49 says, the 400+ dead in Chytown just didn't matter. There are only three guys I know of who can explain this. Please, come out of hiding.