Tuesday, June 7, 2016

So Bad on Morning Joe Today I Had To Turn to Robin Meade

      A reporter asks Senator Sanders if his continued candidacy is misogyny. The AP declares Hillary Clinton the winner and doubles down calling it historic as the first woman, hours before the last six states go vote. Their last minute scouring of unpledged super delegates I am sure was the equivalent of push polling in order to get to the number they wanted.
No Need to Vote
       Morning Joe has lost all pretense of fairness constantly asserting Donald Trump is guilty of racist statements against "a man born in Indiana", referring to the judge in the Trump U case.
     As has happened over the past year, I have been puzzled or disturbed by something Trump said only to be more put out by the statements made on the other side.
      It's frankly amusing listening to Joe Scarborough referring to the GOP as "my party". He is a fully indoctrinated Upper East Side liberal, marinated in the cauldron where his co-hosts hold court.
      The charge of racism is  odd from people who routinely speak with disdain about a court nominee not of the race du jour.
        Tonight will be a pageant to declare Mrs Clinton the first ever woman nominated for President by a major party, even though it doesn't really happen for seven weeks and a lot can happen.
          The media is dishonest when the collective tingle percolates up their legs.


Middle-Class Mike said...

"Democrat Primary is the most fixed Presidential Primary in modern history right down to the wire!" Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Hillary & DNC's raw attempt to declare Hillary Presumptive Nominee before Super Tuesdays Six State Vote, (including NJ & California) is an attempt to depress vote, which helps Hillary Clinton at Polls, where a larger voter turnout makes a Hillary victory more problematic.

MSN News Reports:
"It is unfortunate that the media, in a rush to judgement, are ignoring the Democratic National Committee's clear statement that it is wrong to count the votes of Super-delegates before they actually vote at the convention this summer," spokesman Michael Briggs said in a statement."

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

hermit thrush said...

racist statements against "a man born in Indiana", referring to the judge in the Trump U case.

right, it's horribly unfair to accurately report that the judge was born in indiana and is as american as you or i.

Anonymous said...

The Judge is the racist and Trump is right to point it out.

dajeep said...

Donald Trump, the Carl Palladino of national politics. Sometimes it's just better to keep mouth shut, that way you won't put your foot in it.

Anonymous said...

Klimcrap has to join in on the hate trump wagon, as his under the desk job depends on it. This is not exactly news, but I appreciate your views on it, Mr Mayor. What we are seeing is a class of people, like the golfer, Klimfelt, NY21, D^^:), and others who are desperate to keep things as they are. Urination practices are important to them. A $19,000,000,000,000 debt is not. And why is that? Because they are part of your ruling class. Their kids will get government jobs, special health care deals, and be able to enjoy job security and retire early. Just remember every time Kimflot says anything, he's looking out for himself. And at 11:03 on a Monday, he pukes his nonsense on your dime. Unless of course he has the day off. He doesn't really hate trump. Neither does Dannie. They just have theirs and don't want anything that could threaten their game. If you think this nation is headed in the right direction, then vote for their babe. Otherwise, think for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Robin Meade? I'd watch her any day over Mika.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a guy who thinks a taco bowl is somehow a Mexican dish, I'm not surprised.
Donald can't even be bothered with insulting the correct people.
trump claimed Judge Curiel was Spanish in February and then Mexican just a few days ago. trump is just pissed he has to answer for his fake 'university' in court.

On a sidenote, can you give an example of what the left has said that you found more puzzling than what donald has Jeff? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

12:43, your assumption that armpit-rash works for the government is a 50/50 bet. He just as likely could be working in local media and doesn't have to talk until noon. But you have to give him credit for being half right when he said the Mexican judge is just as American as he is. But the judge is not as American as those people who don't believe southwest USA belongs to Mexican.

Anonymous said...

5:52, a lot of people, from golfers to government employees, call themselves Americans. Their allegiance is with their party, not their country.