Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Short Shotting Your Latte......Sue !

   A federal judge is allowing two people to sue coffee giant Starbucks  over their claim cups of latte were deceptively filled to only three quarters of their advertised level.
    Wow, some people have time and money on their hands. If I didn't like Starbuck's product, I just wouldn't buy it again.


Anonymous said...

Starbucks sell overpriced shit , get off your lazy asses and make your own coffee and save some money . Only lazy ,financially ignorant fools pay for Starbucks Swill. They are EXACTLY the same people who have negative net worth

Anonymous said...

trump is known to frequent starbucks. no coincidence

Anonymous said...

If the suit goes forward, the litigants will get a half-price coupon good for one cup. This is a lawsuit initiated by ambulance chasing lawyers who will pocket 99 percent of any class action settlement. It's likely lawyers looking for a big payday initiated the suit and are now busy rounding up people to join the class action.