Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shooter's Life Comes into Focus

      Lots of stories out today about Orlando shooter Omar Mateen being a closet gay, perhaps motivated to his act by the contradiction to Islamic doctrine which in many cases is decidedly anti gay.
       People coming to terms with their own situation is something many face, but the core stimulator for the shooting was a fascination and adherence to radical Islam.


Anonymous said...

Even on the crap standards of junk news, Mr Smith has been outdoing himself on his selective coverage of the recent murder. Apparently, there is no hope that he will report any of the resulting news stories with any sense of balance. Thinking people will just have to take this into account when reading his junk. So it goes. We have another generation of dishonest and slanted media.

Anonymous said...

Where is beam me up Snooty left wing Scotty? I would like to see him report on the pro gun gays now seeking strong any and all action to arm themselves with guns mind you against these fanatical killers.

Remember Snooty Scotty, Not only do they hate Western white middle age men, they hate Blacks, Gays, Womens, Jews and everything in between.

Snooty, what about another killing in Paris yesterday, where outside the Parisian police home the poor cop was ambushed, wife was tortured and on livestream all wailing for Allah is merciful. He asked on the
video what to do with the toddler boy....

Snooty is a joke!

Anonymous said...

If referring to Mr Smith aka Newzjunky why do you even go there the site is nothing special just links anyone can access, he just happens to put them together on a page. I found I was reading the same links he post well before he even post them so I quit going there and lately I have found the WDT being responsive to posting actual news faster.

Anonymous said...

IsIs is dead against gays and what they stand for yet your reading this guy was gay and often went to that club.. ISIS is quick to admit they inspired the attack so that should tell the average joe that this either is BS our government is feeding us to take away some more rights or its another mentally unstable person able to buy a gun without any real checks..

Anonymous said...

Looks like he didn't want to wait for those promised virgins. For years the US has turned a blind eye to the raping of little boys in the middle east.

Womens' rights, sure, Christians rights, sure, marrying little girls under 12 years, you betcha.

What do we have here, Obama concerned about whether the correct pictorial sign is on all bathroom doors.

Anonymous said...

9:50, you're right. The WDT is now the most balanced source of info. It's also much more timely, as Mr Smith doesn't work that much.

Anonymous said...

What we find here is that in the pecking order of special interest groups, Muslims get a higher ranking than gays.

You must realize that the goal of Muslim extremists is not to control our economy, it is to control our culture and that includes outlawing gay people and executing them.