Saturday, June 11, 2016


     You can't plan anything in June. Our charity car wash got rained out and by noon the weather turned to nice.....Frustrating.Bad weather down Adams way , I hear.
      I saw a picture of our MOC posing with a dog on Facebook, and she is running for reelection so I am sure wants to be seen as liking dogs.
Rep. Elise Stefanik
    Meanwhile Green Party candidate for Congress Matt Funiciello hosted his party's Presidential candidate to Glens Falls.  Jill Stein is the progressive choice in the race.


Anonymous said...

How's she coming on the Social Security Reform? Didn't want to kick the can down the road.........Whats the new idea?

Anonymous said...

Hey Funi, I hope with all your progressive views you have put gender neutral bathroom signs on the bathrooms.

No single lock door, open them up for the little girls having to view the adult men at the open stalls, no more secured diaper changing rooms, let this be done in the same bathrooms where we have no stall dividers, no more tampax or sanitary pads dispensors in these bathroom.

Funi I would like to hear your thoughts on the minority head of the ACLU in Georgia quitting her position a couple of weeks ago since she didn't feel safe using the gender neutral restroom. Apparently she brought her two young daughters in and 3-4 6 feet tall men wearing women's clothing were using the facilities as well with rather masculine voices. Her daughters felt very uncomfortable and unsafe.

Do you and Stein have any little girls in your family that you expose this garbage to?


Anonymous said...

Charity? Which charity was that?

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for anyone that is going to mess with my S.S. No way!

Anonymous said...

Does that ol' lady have an hour glass figure, or is that the shadow from her jacket?

Anonymous said...

6:47 Who cares about her figure, she looks like a progressive to me, you can spot them a mile away.