Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saturday Bus Service to Thompson Park a Welcome Iniative

     The City is trying out the notion of Saturday bus service to Thompson Park, diverting the Washington Street route in a bid to make the service more relevant.
      This is a welcome addition and shows a willingness to adjust routes.  There are more adjustments needed to tailor the service to today's needs.


Anonymous said...


Kudos council

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

From the way I see the "big" city bus movement around, it seems to me that that model (big), usually only very few people or none at all passing by. That makes we wonder "why not get a smaller more economically-fuel efficient bus?"

Has anyone in the City ever done a utilization survey to see if big is better? Just asking a logical question.

Anonymous said...

Must be the City is expecting crowds of people to want to go view the spectacle of the new Monument to Fort Drum. Can't imagine that interest will last longer than a week or so. What is the sudden need for a bus to the Park?

Anonymous said...

They want to be able to have people go up on Saturdays so they can look at the hole in the ground,that used to be the Thompson park pool,filled with happy kids,now just an empty hole.