Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pushing The Right Buttons in the Bid to Bury Trump - POLITICO Magazine

    Here we go.....The next step in the systematic effort to derail a Donald Trump candidacy.....This goes beyond just press feigned outrage at a humorous reference to a Senator as "Pocahontas" or the insistence that everything said is 'racist.'   Well beyond the allusions to Hitler or Mussolini.
    It's nothing less than the Goldwater card...Nuclear Armageddon. A chance to play the "Daisy Ad" and apply it to modern times.  Time to dust off Dr. Strangelove and put The Donald in Slim Pickins spot astride an ICBM.
     As a seven year old living in Chevy Chase at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, I remember the fear, the bomb shelters and the run-home air raid drills.
       What Exactly Would It Mean to Have Trump’s Finger on the Nuclear Button? - POLITICO Magazine


Anonymous said...

Politico magazine only has to research back in the 1990s and see where Bill Clintons cigars and where his penis ended up to get the real feel for unethical politics.
I never once had sexual relations with that woman he said while he wiped his face of her body fluids.
Now this mess with Hillary who was to good to get up in the morning to issue a decision on Bengazi and then lied about it or the private Emails on her private server who appear to have ended up with other countries.. Those contributions of millions by some of these countries tot he Clinton foundation..

Anonymous said...

None of this anti Trump orgasm is surprising when you consider the pressure government lovers are under. Dannie wants all his freestuff. NY21underadesk wants his taxpayer supported game to continue. Korncrip is just a believer. He wants government to grow and liberty to disappear. All these party line Democrats realize they are living off people who produce something, and the last thing they want is for this party to end. They are afraid. If you visit their house, you will see a gigantic puddle outside from where the panty changes just haven't kept up with the fear. I feel bad for them. Whether their pants suited criminal is elected or not, borrowing money we don't have and screwing our children can't continue. And that will crimp their style however it goes.