Friday, June 17, 2016

PSI (Pearl Street Index) Shows Sales Tax Sluggish

   Today I pay my quarterly sales tax....It's due Monday but I set today as the EFT date, just to be sure. Use to be you could mail it on the 20th and get a good week before they cashed the check. Once you get used to it the new system is easier, and you save the price of a stamp.
   The quarter is off a bit from the same one last year, so just letting those who spend the money know, there isn't quite as much this year.
     I could blame it on the construction, or the Air Brake, or something else, but I will rationalize it by saying life has its ups and downs.


Anonymous said...

You will find that your sales will increase back to normal once the ridiculous construction project is done. If it ever gets done.

I was driving through there yesterday at 3:30 and all the workers were gone home for the day. Your idiot caller had the ignorant comment that in order to work a second shift they would need lights. Hell, they could work later with nature light, even if it was December 22, the shortest day of the year and of DST.

I also noticed yesterday that the crews loaded up two giant excavators to take them to more a important job in a more important city. That only leaves a few scrap excavators on this project the size of mini excavators. The city really dropped the ball on this one, but it was the last engineer who was in charge when it went out to bid...kind of.

Anonymous said...

Is it the bid, Slye can hold that against them yet the public would have to FOIL to see that contract. Anybody interested?