Thursday, June 9, 2016

Primaries Done (OK, One Next Week in DC) and the Poltical Class Moves Towards Defeating Trump

      Watching Robin Meade.....Gave a listen to Morning Joe and all of them are still carrying on about what the say are "racist" comments, even ridiculing those who won't outright say the word "racist" without the qualifier "what some are calling."  Mika compared it to journalists who like to use the word "alleged" even though a suspect is guilty and when Joe started talking about Germany in 1933, I picked up the remote. Wait, isn't MSNBC the network that employs a full time race baiter ?
       Senator Bernie Sanders has to meet with the President today and with Senate Minority Leader Reid. 
        They will tell him if he wants a future in the Senate he better stand down.  Eight years ago Hillary Clinton got something out of this moment. A promise to be Secretary of State and a job as transition director for her buddy John Podesta.
         If Senator Sanders is cowed by threats of being treated poorly in the Senate, he's selling cheap.
          $15 minimum wage, Medicare for all, free tuition for starters in he platform.

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Middle-Class Mike said...

"@Morning_Joe Joe, isn't it rich, isn't it queer, you lying for Hillary, Mika in mid-air, send in Rattner & Stein, Clowns are all there!" Mike Flynn MCM