Saturday, June 11, 2016

NY POST:Pompous Assemblyman Coming Up Short in Bid to Block Mimosa Law

        The NY Post reports the Mimosa Law is expected to pass despite the inane objections of Assemblyman Robin Schimminger of Erie County.
 Assemblyman Robin Schimminger at a Chocolate Shop in His WNY District (Photo: NYS Assembly)
         This guy says moving the hour for purchase of alcohol on premise on Sundays from noon to 8AM is too much , too fast. Earlier, he had made irrational claims about a day of rest.....Rest all you want, but if a business wants to do business and customers want to buy , whose business is it of the Assemblyman ?
         People like this in the Legislature represent the moronic belief that they know what's best for the small business owners who pay the taxes and employ people.
       Tin Pan Galley ? Your local golf club ? A neighborhood tavern ?  Any of them can choose not to open on Sunday morning, but businesses and customers shouldn't have to slink around like criminals having a drink after golf or while on vacation, or even if they just want to socialize.
       People like Assemblyman Schimminger are the kind of phonies that prompt ridicule of the capital.


Anonymous said...

Remember when this was a free country? Me neither!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate, ehe ? Releases the same beta endorphins as cocaine. Maybe it's all starting to make sense.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see you getting worked up enough about this that you use the insulting words he deserves.

Anonymous said...

How did I know he would be a democrat? They want to be in every bit of our business,not just telling us what is best for us but making it a law and making you a criminal if you disagree with their point of view.

dajeep said...

This Schimminger character has been around forever, or so it seems. Senility must be setting in.