Friday, June 10, 2016

Poll: More People Turning Away from Major Party Candidates

       The latest FOX poll has Libertarian Gary Johnson polling at 12 percent while the two major party candidates hover near 40% with Hillary Clinton slightly ahead.
        The public disdain for the R and D candidates is manifest and Governor Johnson offers a different outsider who still has experience in governing (two terms as Governor of NM) but behaves in a civil manner.
       It's hard to imagine Donald Trump winning given his boarish nature but with an opponent most people think of as a liar they are tired of, Mr. Trump remains in the hunt.
        Third party candidates have a way of peaking over the summer, so Mr. Johnson needs to gain enough momentum to make it into the debates.


Middle-Class Mike said...

"What Mr. Trump needs to Do Next"

The Key is to stay on pocketbook issues from now until November!

Donald J. Trump must refuse to let Hillary Clinton, rake in Bernie Sander's Progressives and Independents, by speaking in plain language about their 'economic plight' and how he'll improve it.

My suggestion to win over Progressive is as follows:

Progressive 'Jiu Jitsu' from, "ALL THE KINGS MEN" a novel by Robert Penn Warren: Governor Willie Stark says, "You're a Hick, & I'm a Hick, & nobody helps a Hick, but a Hick!"

Mr. Trump merely has to revise this to, "You're an Outsider, I'm and Outsider, and nobody is going to help an Outsider like you, but a Outsider like Me!"

The General Election is just starting, and Mr. Trump has plenty of time, to regain the momentum in the General Election.

Mie Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'


Anonymous said...

I notice the elite Republicans are not backing Trump.. They have threatened this from the begining of his run..
If Donald Trump does not win (and I think he could) and the elite take back over the party there will no only one party left in America. It will not be Donald Trumps fault.. He has offered a change and the elite cannot see it. Its their weakness thats being attacked.
Unless the elites step up Hillary will win. We will become more dependant on a welfare state. Our second ammendment rights will be taken away from us while Mr Trump will only go back to being a billionaire whos attempt to help Americans will have gone in vain and we all can stand by and salute Hillary while remembering people like the Bushes, Romneys, Ryans,and all the gutless Republican governors.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So we know where the Bernie people are going to. Good for them.