Saturday, June 11, 2016

Politico- Romney Tears Up and Shreds the Whole GOP Field.

     From his perch in Utah, Mitt Romney has made himself the GOP's political oracle....assessing, judging, predicting doom for not listening to him.
      Governor Romney not only blames Donald Trump, he blames Ted Cruz for being too nice to Trump early on and blames John Kasich for hanging on too long.
      The whole GOP field was branded as weak as Mr. Romney laments to anyone willing to listen.
       All those party big wigs came to Park City to hear this ?

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Anonymous said...

Romney had his chance. After being side swiped by candy Crowley, a Dannie type, he decided to bend over like an Obama. Too bad. He should called Candy what she was, a Donkey maid, and attacked. But he let her lie go by. But nobody remembers, and fewer care.